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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

to keep and bear

Spotlight Right is very proud to announce the upcoming publication of "to keep and bear:  Five Plays in Support of the 2nd Amendment."  Inspired by the recent publication of Gun Control Theater Action, "to keep and bear" offers a counterpoint from five playwrights focused on the value of the American right to bear to arms.  Available later this month as an e Book for Kindle and iBook.

Mike Long ("Propaganda", Republican Theater Festival)
David Marcus (Co-Creator of Sticky)
Kevin Rush ("Crossing Event Horizon", winner Chameleon Theater Circle New Play Award)
Brad Saville ("Williamsburg", "Regretting Fish", co-founder of Eastwind Theater Company)
Jacquetta Szathmari ("That's Funny, You Didn't Sound Black on the Phone" and the Hey You Know It podcast)

We will be having a launch party on April 26th at Happy Ending on Broome Street with readings from the plays.  So stay tuned for more info.


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